This campaign seeks to raise $500 to support the Beatcoin, our festival currency. The event connects all those who love rhythm and festival. Support us, and help make a wonderful festival!

The Rhythm Festival is committed to creating an event open and inviting to everyone regardless of wealth, resources, or background. To do this, everything we offer in the day at the festival will be free of charge, and we thus rely on the generosity and good will of the whole community. Please help us make something beautiful happen. 
Your contribution will be money that flows directly to the performers and players who make this event special through our innovative currency, the Beatcoin. All registered artists can receive gifts of Beatcoins in the festival from other participants, redeemable for cash. The more you contribute, the more we are able to express our gratitude for all who bring their artistic, cultural, and spiritual gifts to the festival! 

If you contribute and can come to the festival, you are entitled to receive Beatcoins at the event, and use them to show your appreciation to participants.